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Woodlands on the Wrekin
Raby Estate, Shropshire



This website provides visitors and interested parties with current information and news regarding the management activities at the woodland on the Wrekin that is owned by the Raby Estate, Shropshire.


On the southern part of the Wrekin, a prominent Shropshire landmark there are around 240 hectares of woodland owned by the Raby Estate, Shropshire. A history of good woodland management has resulted in a diverse and productive woodland, enjoyed by many. Having reached economic maturity some areas now require felling and other areas need thinning. To achieve this in an efficient and economical way improvements to the existing tracks will be made and some machine harvesting will be used. Additionally, to give newly planted trees the opportunity grow well and improve the woodlands biodiversity management of wildlife such as deer and squirrels are necessary. The aim is to continue the long standing tradition of good woodland management at Wrekin Woods using modern, sustainable and economic methods.


If you have any queries please use the contact section below.


A copy of the twenty year woodland management plan for the Raby Estate including the Wrekin can be downloaded here


For information about purchasing quality seasoned firewood grown at the Wrekin Woods click the image below:







Infrastructure Improvements


Feburary 2015 - Upgrading of forest roads nearly complete, with stone rolling and small amount of drainage work remaining.


Widening of the tracks in the Wrekin south and zig-zags areas is ongoing, due for completion by early March.


The contractor doing the work has comented how friendly and cooperative people have been, thank you!






Wildlife management


Feburary 2015 - Currently preparing a deer managment plan for the Wrekin woodland.




Timber Operations


Feburary 2015 - From early March there will be a significant increase in activity. Areas of Mature larch are to be felled in the Maypole area and Wrekin north as well as thinning of mature conifers in Wrekin north.


For saftey reasons please follow all signs and instructions.



Timber Operations

wrekin timber operations

Managment objective: "To produce high quality hardwood and softwood timber through good silvicultural practice, whilst maintaining the woodland’s ecological condition and position in the local landscape."


Some areas of mature larch are scheduled to be felled later this year. There are several reasons as to why these areas are to be felled:


 1. The trees have reached economic maturity.

 2. Larch is susceptible to a disease called Phytopthora rammorum (find out more here).

 3. Replanting the felled areas will diversify the overall woodland in terms of age and species.


To view an outline map of the areas under consideration for felling click here.


In order to carry out felling work efficiently and safely a combination of methods will be used depending on the terrain. This will include some mechanised harvesting when suitable to allow timber to be extracted economically.


Where necessary ongoing thinning of areas is scheduled, this is in order to improve the timber quality and enhance the biodiversity of the woodland. Further information will be available from this website with regards to the planned works.


Please be aware of any information signs when visiting the area and do not enter areas where works are being conducted.






Infrastructure Improvements

wrekin infrastructure


There are extensive improvements planned for the existing infrastructure of forest roads and tracks within Wrekin woods, this is due to their current condition being unsuitable for safe and efficient access for forest machinery and timber lorries. View a map of the planned work areas here.


Currently there is preliminary felling of trees adjacent to these tracks to increase access for improvement works to commence. Please remain vigilant of any work underway when visiting the area and pay attention to all warning signs.


A limited network of footpaths and permissive footpaths pass through the woodland, click here to view a map of where.


Under certain circumstances access on some paths may be temporarily restricted, please keep to the designated paths or diversions.


We thank you for your cooperation in this matter.





Wildlife Management

Wrekin WildlifeManagment objective: "Biodiversity at the Wrekin woods is encouraged and a minimum of 15% of the woodland area is managed for this purpose"


Grey squirrels - Bark stripping by grey squirrels is a major threat to future the regeneration of the woodland. There is a history of control on the estate, but significant damage is present in a number of areas. Squirrels are a damage the majority of broadleaved species and without control make growing quality broadleaf trees impossible.


Deer -  The vulnerable period for damage by deer is from establishment to 15 years. All species are susceptible but in particularl sycamore, beech, poplar, oak, birch, sweet chestnut, pine, larch, western hemlock and Norway spruce.


There has recently being a change of deer stalker for the Wrekin. The impact of the new regime is currently being monitored and the results will be used to inform future control. 







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